Home Trauma Rehabilitation

Trauma rehabilitation is a key element in recovery from physical injury. At Mon Kiné, we understand that the rehabilitation process can be difficult, which is why we offer home physiotherapy services tailored to your pace of life.

Trauma rehabilitation at home offers a number of significant advantages. The first is convenience: no more trips to the clinic, you can receive your care at home, in familiar, comfortable surroundings. Mon Kiné is committed to providing you with a personalized rehabilitation experience, focused on your comfort and recovery.

Trauma rehabilitation often involves a series of exercises designed to strengthen muscles, improve joint mobility and develop coordination. Our physiotherapists specializing in home trauma rehabilitation are trained to guide you through these exercises safely and effectively.

At Mon Kiné, we take a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Not only do we work to restore your physical function, but we also take into account your emotional health. We understand that the rehabilitation process can be challenging, and our therapists are here to support you throughout your recovery.

Our team of physiotherapists is trained in the latest home trauma rehabilitation techniques. Thanks to ongoing training, we keep up to date with the latest research and innovations in physiotherapy, to provide you with the best possible care.

Our aim at Mon Kiné is to make home trauma rehabilitation as easy and effective as possible. Our services are designed to integrate easily into your daily life and help you regain your independence and quality of life.

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Traumatological conditions treatable with home physiotherapy

Home physiotherapy plays a crucial role in the management of trauma pathologies, helping patients to recover from physical injuries without the hassle of going to a clinic. Here is an overview of the traumatological pathologies commonly treated by our home physiotherapists:

  • Fractures: Rehabilitation to restore mobility and strength after immobilization due to a fracture.
  • Sprains and dislocations: Post-traumatic care to restore joint function, strengthen support structures and prevent recurrence.
  • Muscle and tendon injuries: Treatments designed to heal and strengthen injured muscles and tendons, such as muscle tears or tendonitis.
  • Mild traumatic brain injury (TBI ): Care focused on the recovery of cognitive and physical abilities after a head injury.
  • Spinal injuries: Specific rehabilitation for pain and dysfunction associated with spinal injuries, including traumatic low back pain and neck pain.
  • Post-traumatic orthopedic surgery: Rehabilitation programs designed for patients who have undergone surgical procedures following injury, such as ligament repair or prosthesis fitting.
  • Amputations: Support in the process of adapting to life with a prosthesis, with an emphasis on mobility, strength and balance.

Our at-home approach allows treatment to be tailored to the specific needs of each patient, promoting complete and effective recovery. At Mon Kiné, we are committed to helping our patients overcome their traumatic challenges and regain optimal quality of life.